About Sifnos

Welcome to Sifnos, an island of unique beauty in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Part of the Cyclades archipelago, Sifnos has a great history, amazing beaches and traditional settlements such as Apollonia, the capital town of the island, Artemonas, Kato Petali, and Kastro.


Famous in ancient times for its silver mines and wealth, contemporary Sifnos, is full of medieval churches and antiquities and known for its potters, gastronomy (it is the homeland of the most famous of all Greek chefs, Nikolaos Tselementes), and folk culture.


Sifnos’ natural beauty is unrivalled with amazing beaches and landscapes and a wide network of walking paths. All villages are gorgeous and are preserved in an excellent way – very characteristic of the traditional Cycladic architectural style.


The dream has a name, it is Sifnos and is just 3 hours away from the port of Pireaus.